Fish & Chips, We Salute You!

October 12, 2015 0Comments by Fish & Chips

Over the years, Fish & Chips have been at the heart of many a village/town/city community. Yes, we’re the place where people meet, where generations have chewed the proverbial fat and we’ve even been at the centre of many a historical event.

So to celebrate the brilliance of the #localChippy (which by the way, you can use for us on Twitter @KingLoui) we have a few great facts and fun information about Fish & Chips that I’m sure will be used in the other bastion of local village community, the Pub!

They Were Codewords

That’s right, Fish & Chips have been codewords. And no, we don’t mean for your email account (although we’ve now just changed ours!), we mean actual war codewords. In the Normandy beach landings, British soldiers would shout “Fish” and await a response with “chips” to identify one another.

King Louis Fish and Chips

The Weren’t Rationed

That’s right, there was no rationing on Fish & Chips, in both the first and second world war. Yep, it helped morale and let’s be honest, a fish and chips dinner is pretty special any time you have one!

Fish and Chip shop review Islington Upper Street battered haddock

They’re Literary Icons

Charles Dickens wrote about a Fish & Chip shop in, “A Tale Of Two Cities” and even the famous story of the orphan child, Oliver. Dicken’s however, wasn’t the only one. Tolkien mentions a ‘fish supper’ in The Hobbit and many a contemporary writer such as Nick Hornby has used the “chip shop” as a place setting in many of his novels. Fish & Chips are also novels within their own right, just check Amazon and you’ll find over 200 books on our beloved Fish & Chips!

Charles Dickens

They Have Famous Fans

The Beatles, Sir Winston Churchill, Kate Moss, Victoria Beckham, Simon Cowell, and even former Prime Minister’s Major and Blair have been known to eat a good portion of Fish & Chips over the years. We can’t help it if our most loved (and possibly loathed) are fans of the nation’s favourite takeaway.

Beatles Fish and Chips

They Have The Best Names

It’s a pun comedian’s dream, but wherever you go, you can always find the best names in title of many a great Fish & Chips. We present the likes of “The CodFather”, “The Best Plaice In Town”, “Oh My Cod” and “The Fryer’s Delight” to name but a few.