Hoverboards, Drones and Fish & Chips

October 21, 2015 0Comments by Fish & Chips

Back To The Future
It won’t have escaped anybody, today is Back To The Future Day and we at King Loui’s are like giddy children at Christmas; if like us, Back To The Future was your staple sci fi film for many years then you would know that today is the day that Marty McFly travelled 30 years into the future to help his yet to be born son escape trouble. So here is our salute to the film today, with a few things that you thought just existed in films – but you can find at King Loui. 

We see drones in the film, they are taking pictures for the news story that then get posted directly into the news feeds of USA Today. Well, we see drones today taking pictures and providing live feeds for sports events. The military even uses them to survey areas of land. But did you know that Amazon and DHL are testing drones as delivery methods?

That’s right, you could be getting your parcels delivered by drones. But could you get your fish and chips delivered by drones? Our parking skills still need a lot of work so this may not be happening for quite some time.

Likelihood: Not just yet… Let’s see how Amazon does it!

Tablets & Wireless payment
Marty McFly is approached by a man asking for donations to save the clocktower, all he had to do was swipe his thumb on a tablet and make a donation.

Well, you can see what we’re doing on social and on our site through your tablets right now. As for thumb print payments? We’re not quite there yet, but we do accept card touch payments so you can even pay for your goods quicker!

Likelihood: It’s here, it really is!

We all wanted one in 1985, they looked cool, even the pink number used in the film but how close are we to actually having them roaming the streets of Tarvin? Well, quite close but not close enough. Lexus earlier this year released their magnetic version of a hoverboard which was running off the ground by a few millimeters but it needed the ground around it to be covered in magnets. Anyway, here’s a really cool video of the hoverboard in action.

Likelihood: It’s the mini segways for now, but you never know!

Bio-Fuelling Your Car
So, the DeLorean in the second film is fuelled with bio-fuel as well as Gasoline but this doesn’t created 1.21ghz of power needed to generate the time circuits for Marty to travel back in time… Complicated. But the writers were on to something back in 1985 with bio-fuel. Many vehicle companies are testing solutions to get cars running on different fuel sources; which is great for the environment in the long term.

One source that we know has worked for sometime is the oil we use for frying fish and chips… Now there’s an idea!

Likelihood: It’s already in action in parts of South America and beyond. Look out for a fuelling station behind the shop in 2025 😉