Traditional Ways To Eat Fish & Chips

October 1, 2015 0Comments by Fish & Chips

150 years on, Fish & Chips remain the nation’s favourite takeaway and we at King Louis have seen a few things in our time. From serving food in yesterday’s newspaper to perfecting chips as crunchy as a cornflake on the outside to as light as a feather on the inside, we have a few tips to how you should enjoy your fish and chips.

King Louis Fish and Chips

To Cod Or Not To Cod?

The debate rages in the chippy community. Cod or Haddock? Well, as long as it’s fresh (like ours), flakes on cutting into it and delivers a sweet and juicy flavour that’s all that matters. We have to admit that we do have a preference to Cod. We just love the brilliant white succulent juicy flakes and in our experience it’s got the haddock beaten.

Batter me up…

Batter, in its purest form should add flavour, shine and be seasoned to perfection. It should never be undercooked (raw) and add a layer of texture that brings out the finest fish flavour. Of course, batters can be massively different from one place to another.

In Yorkshire, they like their batter rather spiky, whilst in Lancashire, flatter. The Cheshire variety is the best of both worlds; sorry Yorkshire and Lancashire. It’s all to do with how the batter is beaten and what raising agents are used.

Luckily, our batter is a closely held family secret, but we dare any Yorkshire or Lancashire folk to tell us it isn’t how a fish should be battered!

The chips, what about the chips?!

Chips should have a crunch and be fluffy but not all of them. There must be a mixture of soft and hard, different sizes and even crispiness on the edges. A good chip, no, sorry, a great chip must never be dry or flavourless. It has to compliment the fish and the batter to perfection. We don’t do Michelin five star wedges where you only get three chips at a time; we do real portions, as it should be! Golden and crunchy with a soft fluffy interior. You can’t get better.

Peas release me

Peas can make or break a fish and chip meal. If you don’t have them, no problem. If however you want a portion they need to be mushy, sweet, soft and most definitely not dry. We take pride in making the “best peas in the west” (not our words, those of our customers). Our marrowfat peas are soaked overnight to release flavour and goodness, boiled and seasoned to accompany any fish dish we serve.

Salt and Vinegar?

Yes, the batter is seasoned and the chips are cooked, like everything else, with care and attention however, you’re always going to be asked one question… “Would you like salt and vinegar?” It’s personal, we get it, but both are thoroughly recommended for the authentic taste. Curry? On chips, careful when adding to fish as it can soften the batter but never the less, it’s pretty special when you do. Tomato sauce we hear you cry? Go on then, but just on the chips.

How should it be served?

With a tiny fork in a serving tray, that’s the sign of a real chippy. Newspapers were out of favour in the 1980’s. Here’s to another 150 years folks!