What Do You Drink With A Fish & Chips?

November 24, 2015 0Comments by Fish & Chips

When Karl Pilkington was recently promoting his new TV Series on the Sunday morning TV show, Sunday Brunch, he asked the question that has plagued many a food connoisseur and Fish & Chip lover; “What do you drink with Fish & Chips?”

It so transpired the proud Mancunian producer and TV personality thought that “it has to be a brew” and the hosts of the show, Simon Rimmer (noted chef) and Tim Lovejoy (noted football god to men growing up in the early 2000s) couldn’t help but agree.


So we at King Loui had to do a bit of digging around and decided to perform some research to see what you could be drinking with your Fish & Chips.

If an alcoholic tipple is your choice

There are a few selections that you can pair with your portion of fish and chips, especially when it comes to a variety of different wines;

  • Sparkling wines are very good with Fish and Chips as you will find the bubbles (carbonated elements) will cut through a lot of sharpness from vinegar and add a delicate sweetness to your food.
  • If you really want to push the boat out, you can eat your fish and chips with Champagne such as a fine Cava; if however budget is on your mind, Prosecco is thoroughly recommended!
  • Citrussy wines such as a Sauvignon blanc or Rueda are particularly fine serving companions and go amazingly well with a strong tartare sauce.
  • If dry white wines are more your flavour, an unoaked Chardonnay goes particularly well with your fish meal.

Wines however, aren’t the only alcoholic beverage that you can pair with your fish and chips, here are just a few selections with beers and cider;

  • Pale Ales are highly recommended as they can add lots of different flavours to your fish and chips meal.
  • There are a huge variety of different pale ales, but you may want to consider mixing and matching a variety for different meals.
  • Belgian pale ale is brewed the same way as an English pale ale, only, they use their own yeast and add fruit flavourings which mix really well with fish and chips. Avoid berries but aim for tangy, citrus flavours.
  • Indian Pale Ale (IPA) is very common around the UK, the Punk IPA is a favourite with fish and chips pundits across the land to perfectly accompany your meal.
  • If cider is going to hit the right notes, look for fruit flavoured ciders with a lower alcohol content as this will add a variety of different taste sensations to your meal.

How about non alcoholic?

Well, Karl Pilkington may have just been right when he couldn’t accept anything other than a cup of tea with his fish and chips. However, if you don’t want a cup of Yorkshire’s, Lancashire’s or… Dorset’s finest, then you do have some amazing options;

  • Dandellion & Burdock is a childhood memory that many have when it comes to their first fish and chips meal. It’s also a perfect balance of sweet, tangy and works amazingly with a steaming bag of chips.
  • Cherry cola is also a firm favourite, it has to be something to do with sweet flavourings but it definitely cuts through the textures in fish batter and softens the palette for vinegar or strong citrus flavours.
  • When it comes to tea, you preferably want something that is a bit stronger, some recommend having a black tea, whilst others would cut back on the milk but still add a drop for flavour.
  • Green tea is also very popular with your fish and chips meal as it is known to cut through a variety of flavours from sharp to sour, depending on the condiments you use with your fish and chips meal.

What drinks do you like to have with your Fish & Chips? We’d love to know, so please leave us a comment below or on our Facebook and Twitter pages.