Why We Love Cantonese Food (And You Should Too!)

November 25, 2015 0Comments by Cantonese

Since way back in the 1950’s and 60s, Chinese and more specifically Cantonese food has become one of the United Kingdom’s most dominant ethnic cuisines.

At first, most of Britain had a very stereotypical view of Chinese food, with sweet and sour pork leading the way. However, a transition towards people either cooking their food at home, and the popularity of television cooking programmes, there has been a turn towards more regional Chinese food appearing on the normal takeaway menu.

chinese banquet

As well as the traditional sweet and sour dishes, you can find food inspired by Szechaun spices, or the famous crispy duck flavours of the Hunan region and both Thai and curry inspired meals – something to suit every appetite.

That is one of the most accessible features of Cantonese cooking. No matter what you are in the mood for, there is something on the menu for you. Rice based dishes, noodles, spicy, aromatic or even vegetarian. Dishes, brought to you by the many different, wonderful styles of Cantonese cooking.

As well as being amazingly flavoursome, it is believed that much of the popularity in Cantonese food comes from it being a healthier option to other popular takeaway foods. Stir frys are low in calories and high in vegetables, then you have steamed dishes that have almost no fat, to the noodle soup dishes that are fairly healthy.

There is no other menu in the United Kingdom that throws up the world of different flavours than that of a Cantonese restaurant. Our Chefs, The Pangs, use their 40 years of experience to provide mouth-watering Chinese meals.

King Loui gives you the chance to try traditional starters like their Won Ton Soup or Duck rolls, to the more British favourites Prawn Toast or Beef Ribs. Then for your main, the choices are endless: the legendary Special Chop Suey or Singapore Vermicelli to their Special Chow Mein or Chicken Kumbo.

That’s what makes Cantonese food so special. As one of the most worldly travelled cuisines, it has adapted wherever it has landed. Back in the mid-19th century when the Americans first landed in Guangdong, most of what they served was chop chop and chop suey – cutting meat into small pieces, tossing it around and then adding sweet and sour sauce.

Or to the authentic Chinatown district in New York, where food was fried in batter, to cater for the locals tastes – rather than the steamed and poached dishes that you would traditionally find in Singapore or China.

The hope for our customers is that you can find a dish that you enjoy, or more that you can come back and enjoy. We have spent years crafting our menu, testing, tasting and trying new things, to hopefully bring you the unforgettable experience of taking home freshly cooked food. We take pride in preparing our dishes with care and attention, giving everything an attention to details that only our rich culinary heritage can offer – hoping that you will love Cantonese food as much as we do.